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Beautiful location

The Carson Peak Inn is nestled in the June Lake Loop. Located at the base of the magnificent Carson Peak, surrounded by spectacular granite mountainscapes, with lakes and streams, forests and meadows. One of the most beautiful places in the world!

​Brief History

In the early '60s, The Carson Peak Inn building was moved down canyon from the June Lake Village where it was once known as Bud's bar and dance hall. Converted to a restaurant and originally owned by the Huskins, it was purchased by restaurateur Judge Miccolis in 1977 and has stayed in the family since. The Miccolis family has enjoyed their vacation home in the June Lake area for over 40 years.

Friendly staff


"The Peak" has hired many friendly local residents over the years. We watched first job employees grow up and tackle the outside world and others that have spent many dedicated years at the Peak, and are still working for us.


Of course, no one can forget the dear, Grace Bancroft. Grace was a fixture at the CPI and we still get compliments and beautiful stories about her all the time. The staff has tried to maintain her extremely friendly and welcoming personality.


June Lake is like a big family! The Carson Peak Inn is proud to be part of that family.We are proud to be serving our guests, either locals from right down the road or vacationers from across the world!

Contact us

We are committed to being active in the community. For any inquiries regarding charities, fundraising, advertising, etc. Please feel free to contact us, either at the restaurant 1-760-648-7575 or at our main office. 1-818 700-9029.


About us


Carson Peak Inn Menu

Carson Peak Inn is known for its Premium Steaks, Lobster and King Crab, legendary pressure Fried Chicken, slow cooked BBQ Back Ribs, juicy Prime Rib and more...


As always, we offer a full meal; complete with Soup and Salad with our homemade croutons, Baked Potato, and first class Entrees but our menu is flexible for varying appetites. We offer our meals in a Regular or Hearty Appetite entree portion. Beware, our regular portion is a robust portion in the city!


We also have a combination section of the menu to order from, it is very popular because it allows you to order 2 entrees and combine them on a plate. Virtually limitless combos with entrees including; Chicken, Ribs, Shrimp, Scallops and more and of course, Surf and Turf..


We now also offer the entrees on an "ala carte" basis for those guests not looking for such a generous meal.

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